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Aapi is World’s First Multi-Services Learning and Development and eCommerce Platform for Economic Women Empowerment.

‘Aapi’ is an Urdu word typically used to address Women with respect. Specifically, it refers to one’s elder sister in the subcontinent.

Our Vision is to become the No.1 'Go-To' platform for economically engaging, enabling and empowering women in the 21st century digital economy, helping them to achieve economic participation, financial independence and success more conveniently, confidently, and faster.

Our Mission is to lead economic women empowerment by providing cheaper, faster and better support ecosystem through cutting edge digital systems and marketplaces helping them to learn, develop, and earn an income from the comfort and safety of their own home, as well as cultural conformity.

Aapi Chamber of Ecommerce (ACE) is the heart of our vision and mission to economically engage, enable and empower women across the world.

Who We Are?
Our founders are Scottish/British and US PR. Our Co-founder and CEO has over 19 years of global experience. He is a 'Big 4' Management Consultant and an avid digital technologist and have years of experience providing digital strategies and solutions to FTSE 500 clients around the world and in the Silicon Valley.

We bring top talent and experts from around the world, walking you through the relevant steps enabling and empowering you to become successful.

About Company
Headquartered in the United Kingdom, we are a legally incorporated C-Corp in the United States, as well as a private limited company registered in the United Kingdom and Pakistan. Aapi is not a charity organization, nor an NGO, it is wholly owned for-profit private company.