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Mubrooka Sheikh
Mubrooka Sheikh

I am Hafiza Mubrooka Mukhtar i am national Qaria and have Fully Command on Tajweed Hifiz and Qirat with proper rules and Regulations.
Also i have done Fehm ul quran Course from Alhuda International.
For My degree Of Special Education i got medal in teach and train the specail students therefore can Teach sign language American and Paksitani both have certification from Both high Ranked Universities of Pakistan.
I Can Also give A/O Levles specific Subjects tutions Urdu Islamiyat psychology sociology history.
I Can also Teach skills how to Recite A Nasheed with proper Vocals And guidance As a voiceover Story Telling is my most Favorite skill to go Like Islmaic History Foke stories Fiction or non Fiction....
Through Creative Writing One can lead to the best expression of learning And i can make people able to write...
Thank you

You can Book a one day free trail class with me...